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We believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to connect communities. Our mission at Vietnamese Boat People is to preserve the stories of the Vietnamese diaspora and help families document their stories for future generations.

The Vietnamese Boat People Journeys map was created to allow individuals to contribute stories about themselves and/or families to a collective that together paints a more comprehensive picture of our complex journeys and lived experiences. We invite you to explore the stories and histories.

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Everyone has a story to share. Together, we can shape the narrative of our community and share our experiences, which can inspire and instill pride in generations to come. Whether it’s an entire journey or a short story behind a personal artifact, we invite you to contribute.

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This beta version of the VBP Journeys map was generously funded by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities (NJCH) 2021 Incubation Grant. We are very grateful to NJCH, from the bottom of our hearts, for believing in our mission and supporting the work.

If you would like to support the growth of this project, please consider making a donation. VBP is operated predominately by a team of volunteers, therefore your support is vital in helping us capture, preserve and share these stories. All donations are fully tax exempt under IRS 501(C)3.

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